“Somerset Cleaning - The Complete Housekeeping Operator"

Labour Supply
• Supply of ad-hoc room stewards, kitchen stewards, office cleaners ( full / part time basis), party maids, butlers service, showflat cleaners, road marshal services, handyman, gardeners and etc.

Carpet Shampooing / Sofa Shampooing
• Dry carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, extracting, stain removal, and stain proofing; may be combined with cleaning of soft furnishings, curtains / blinds and upholstery.

StoneCare Services
• Hard floor care and repair, marble or granite flooring. We provide polishing and buffing services. Whether it is diamond  cut or dry powder polishing, we have the specialists to do the  right job for your needs.

Deep Cleaning Services
• As a hospitality operator, you may want to set aside some rooms periodically for soft furnishing, painting, maintenance checks, plumbing works and thorough cleaning work, etc. We  have readily a specialized team of deep cleaning technicians  to serve you.

Tree Pruning Services
• Turfing and seeding, tree/shrub/flower bed installation, regular watering, pruning, weed/pest control and fertilizing, grass cutting services and etc.